About Me: Alexa Cook in a Nutshell


Greetings friends! I am a student at Appalachian State, pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in special education, a minor in psychology, and a Master’s Degree in Special Education. I am residing in Boone this summer and working as an orientation leader (SOUL) for the University. I am so excited for all that this summer has in store,¬†including the information that I will take away from this course. I am going into my third year of college and I am loving every second of it!

Aside from being a student, I am a resident assistant, distance runner, active attendant of Boone UMC, coffee addict, avid reader, book hoarder, lover of nature and all things Boone. I lead a women’s campus ministry called Delight at App and am in constant awe of all that God is doing through it and the women who participate. It is an honor to lead such an amazing organization.

I believe that special education is very important. Every student is unique and learns at a different pace whether they are in a general education classroom or a special education classroom. Students in EC (exceptional children) classroom’s often need extra assistance in completing their studies and succeeding; however, they frequently are capable of doing so and should not be enabled or told that they are not competent. I think that besides teaching these students and helping them succeed, it is my job to advocate for them. I want to help my future students gain confidence and autonomy so that they may experience life as if they didn’t have a disability and be treated as such. All students/people are worthy of fair treatment and love and I want to help ensure that this is a possibility for the students in my classroom.

I chose teaching for several different reasons. The first reason being that my mother is a teacher. She is my role model, but I am not going into this field solely because she is a teacher. I am going into this profession because of the experiences I have had working in my mother’s special education elementary classroom and at various camps for individuals with disabilities. These experiences opened my eyes to my passion for working with this population and the difference I can make in their lives and the ways in which people with disabilities are regarded by society.

Additionally, I have a family member with a disability. Growing up with this family member made me realize how intriguing it is to see the world through their eyes. This specific individual has a diagnosis of Autism and I love hearing her perspective on different topics, events, and people. The more time I spend with her the more I realize that working with people on the Spectrum and teaching them would be a dream come true.

Lastly, I am a huge nerd (but in the best way). I absolutely LOVE to learn and I cannot recall a time that I wasn’t yearning to know more or teach those around me about all that I was learning from the world around me. I am a firm believer in “callings” from God and after much prayer and discernment, the teaching field is where I feel God calling me at this time in my life. I am eagerly anticipating seeing all that He has in store for this!

So, this is me, in a nutshell! Hopefully you feel closer to me already!