Virtual Circle

Assignment: You are to read the following article in the groups you have been assigned to. Each of you has been given a job. As you read you will complete your job based on the job description. You will report back to your group with the results of your job.

Goal: Students should learn about civil rights and important times in history that civil rights were advocated for. Students will complete a final project at the end of the unit based on what they have learned about civil rights.

Position Job Description
Rights Reviewer ·         Summarize the article

·         Be sure to cover points that the article addressed that relate to

o   Oppressed groups and how they were oppressed

o   struggles faced by oppressed groups when trying to gain rights

o   civil rights movements

o   significant events that happened in the Civil Rights Movement (e.g. protests)

o   the differing opinions that people had about the government 

Rights’ Rhetoric Revealer ·         Define the following terms:

o   Segregation

o   Civil rights

o   Discrimination

o   Opposed

o   White supremacy

o   Legislation

o   integration

Rights Regulator ·         The mediator should help conduct the discussion

·         Encourage group members to give their opinions on the article

·         Regulate discussion and ensure that all members are being respected

·         Encourage members to form an opinion on oppression, oppressed groups, and how civil rights movements addressed these issues.

·         Ask every group member for their definition of civil rights after reading the article

Rights’ Relish Respondent ·         Identify any biases in the article

·         Which ideas were relished? Which ideas were opposed?

·         Was the author biased in any way? What words revealed the author’s biases?

·         How does the author feel about democracy? About civil rights? About the government?

·         How could you tell what the author’s point of view was?



  • Tuck, Stephen. “Civil Rights Movement.” New Georgia Encyclopedia. 04 March 2016. Web. 17 June 2016.

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