Visual Thesaurus

I would instruct students to use this device to help them learn key vocabulary terms for this lesson. I would use it as an introductory assignment, assigning each student the task of making a visual map of their vocabulary words for the lesson. I would allow for the students to print off these word maps or ask them to copy the word map into their notes (depending on the number of students and the cost of copies). When a word is typed into the word map it is defined. I also really liked how this tool gave different words that were related to the word I searched. For example, when searching “government”, terms like “governing”, “authorities”, and “political science” appeared on the spider web. This will allow students to remember words by association (ie. I know what political science means, so I can infer that government has to do with decisions, our rights and justice.  The tool separates the different words and their definitions into categories of nouns, adjectives, verbs, and adverbs.

The word map could serve as a visual reference for the students to use when completing reading assignments, activities, or just studying for a test on the information.

Student Sample

word map


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