I would create a “worksheet” that highlights important points to take away from the reading, key vocabulary, and significant dates to know. This guide would help students stay on track with their reading and pay attention, looking for the answers to the questions on their sheet. The road map would also help the students in the post-reading phase when reflecting on what they have learned. Additionally, this reading road map may be used in the classroom when the students are preparing for a test/quiz/final assignment on the unit.

Daly, L. (2009, November 3). Before, During And After Reading Strategies [Slideshow]. Retrieved from SlideShare: http://www.slideshare.net/pilibarrera/before-during-and-after-reading-strategies

Sample Student Response:

Reading Road Map for Voting Rights for Women

  1. Throughout the 18th and 19th centuries women could not _legally own or inherit _property
  2. By the beginning of the 20th century few women had the right to vote
  3. The right to vote is called: _suffrage
  4. The _19th_ amendment guaranteed women the right to vote in _1920___ (year).
  5. The _Seneca__ Falls_ Convention made the declaration that men and women should have equal rights.
  6. What two women helped organized the Seneca Falls Convention? _Mott___ and _Stanton___
  7. What did the Seneca Falls Declaration mirror? _The Declaration of Independence__
  8. What famous abolitionist lead was present at the Seneca Falls Convention? _Frederick Douglass_
  9. “Women are too economically dependent” was one reason people didn’t think they should vote. True or False? ____True_______
  10. What was Susan B. Anthony opposed to? _alcohol__
  11. What state was the first to grant women the right to vote? __Wyoming______
  12. What would universal suffrage do? _allow everyone to vote____
  13. What did the 14th Amendment do? _protected black men____
  14. What did the 15th Amendment do? _granted voting rights to black males____
  15. Women were granted the right to vote by the 15th True or False? _False___
  16. Stanton and Anthony formed The __National__ _Woman’s_ _Suffrage_ _Association__ to gain women’s suffrage.
  17. What did the Supreme Court say about the right to vote in 1874? __not a right guaranteed by the government__
  18. From 1894 to 1913 _11_ states had granted women the right to vote. Which elections were women still not able to vote in? _national__
  19. The __Triangle_ Shirtwaist__ Factory__ was destroyed by a fire in 1911_ (year). This event pushed the suffrage movement even more.
  20. How many marched in the suffrage parade in New York? _20,000_
  21. What was done to stop the attackers in the suffrage parade? _nothing_
  22. Did the Wilson administration support women’s suffrage? _no__
  23. Dramatic protests decreased media attention. True or False? _False__
  24. What does NAWSA stand for? _National_ American Woman _Suffrage_ Association
  25. Who was the president of NAWSA? __Catt_____
  26. What convinced President Wilson to grant women the right to vote? _World War I and American women’s work___
  27. What amendment granted women the right to vote? _19th_ When was this amendment passed? _1920_
  28. How long after the Seneca Falls Convention was it before women gained suffrage? _72_ years.
  29. What 3 things helped gain voting rights for women? __the “Winning Plan”_, __patriotism__, and __72 years of asking____
  30. Do you think it took too long for women to be granted the right to vote? Why or why not?

I do think that it took too long for women to be granted this right. Women paid taxes and did a lot for other people in the world. They deserved the right to vote and chose who the president and other government officials would be.


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