I would have the students fill out the “K” and “W” sections (know and want to know) prior to reading. This could be an additional pre-reading activity.

During the post-reading phase, I would ask the students to record any information that they learned from the text in the “L” (learned) section of this chart. I would encourage them to think back to the “W” section of the chart and the questions they had/information they wanted to know. This section of the chart would give students some sort of idea of information to look for while reading and constant questions in the back of their mind throughout the entirety of the assignment. As they finish reading, they will be able to record what they have learned in the “L” section with greater ease because of the preparation that the “W” section provided.

Reading and research series: KWL reading method. (2007). Retrieved June 9, 2016, from http://www.studygs.net/texred3.htm

Sample Student Response: 

KWL Chart for North Carolina State Constitution

Know Want to Know Learned
·         A Constitution is a plan for a government system

·         Written like the US Constitution

·         “Rules” for government in NC

·         Helps  regulate checks and balances with government power in NC

·         When was it written and signed?

·         What are the checks and balances between government powers?

·         How are the different counties/towns represented?

·         What rights are guaranteed to the people?

·         Written December 18, 1776

·         Ratified up until May 1862

·         2 distinct branches: senate and house of commons

·         2 senate members per county

·         People of the state have the right to regulate those in power

·         Rights for the people: no excessive bail, no incrimination without evidence, right to be informed of their rights when accused, trial by jury, freedom of the press, right to bear arms, freedom of religion, right to assemble,


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