PBS (Producer). (1987).Eyes on the Prize Ain’t Scared of Your Jails: 1960-1961[Video file]. Retrieved from http://media.nclive.org/content/begin_stream.php.

This video has a running time of 60 minutes. I would not show the entire video at one time, instead I would go through and plan “clips” of the movie to show over a span of time. Each clip would precede a lesson and would serve as an introduction/”hook” to the lesson- to give the students an idea of what they’re about to learn, as well as get them interested in the topic. The video covers the fight for civil rights, focusing on Greensboro sit-ins and the segregation movement. It is more powerful for students to see a visual of all that individuals who fought for civil rights and to see the way in which they were treated, rather than reading about it. I also really like how this video had personal accounts peppered throughout it. These accounts address the topical question of how people felt differently than one another about the government and its roles in democracy.  The video addresses the topical questions of democracy, civil rights, and the fight for an increase in democracy for oppressed groups in NCs’ past. PBS is a reliable resource and I believe that all information in the video is accurate and appropriate to show in a classroom. Lastly, I really liked the video because it has the option of closed captioning. As a future educator, it is important for me to remember that I may have students that need accommodations to activities, like watching a video. I really like that this video provides this option and implements UDL.


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